Greetings business associates and distributors!

On behalf of our group of companies & factories, we thank you for your kind visit to our machine website in which we do wish that we can provide you the machines that you are seeking for.

This website is under constructing, there are more machineries and equipment to be available for overseas export and marketing soon. We will continue to update and launch its’ upon availabilities.

In the meantime, please write direct email or contact us on your needs and requirement. If not available within our group, we will transfer your enquiry to our machine business associates for them to attend to your need directly.

We are young but do have good years of overseas sales exports and with global international distribution network.

We pride ourselves to match and to build each machine to individual buyer’s needs and their respective requirement.

We take special interests in our after sales services and supports and to extend complete in-house / factory training for overseas operators and technicians before shipment of each machine.

We welcome new innovative ideals and are not afraid to modify and improve our machineries to meet global and international standard.

We thank all our buyers and many others for their respective contributions and look forward to extend our complete services to them again soon.

Thank you.


G B Muo 

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